Asset building for families

Ideas for Parents Asset Newsletters

The Ideas for Parents Asset Newsletters are a great way to learn more about Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets- one of the youth development frameworks used in HCTC.  Each newsletter features 1 of the 40 assets and useful ideas for how parents and children can work together on building these assets.  Research shows that the more assets a youth has, the less likely they are to become involved in risky behaviors.  Check back often as new newsletters are added weekly and feel free to download the newsletters and pass them on in any way that you can!  Here are are some ideas on how to share these:

1. Print and post in church bulletins, at your workplace, in local stores, libraries and post offices
2. Distribute through school events and activities
3. Post them on school and/or community websites
4. Download and distribute through e-mail lists

Click on the documents below for more information on building assets with your children: