Prevention Needs Assessment Surveys

Over the past 10 years through the HCTC process a large amount of data has been collected in the form of youth surveys, youth focus groups, parent and community surveys and archival data related to youth drug and alcohol consequences.

In 2004, 2008, 2010 and 2012 students in grades 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th participated in the Prevention Needs Assessment Youth Survey in 8 school districts. Passive consent to participate in the survey was used where parents were required to sign a non-participation form only if their child was not going to participate. A total of approximately 2000 youth participated each round of surveys. The survey was sponsored by Healthy Communities that Care, an initiative of the Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse of Livingston County. To date all 9 school districts in Livingston County have administered the PNA survey. The PNA survey is designed to identify the levels of risk factors related to problem behaviors such as use of alcohol and drugs and participation in antisocial behaviors such as attacking someone with intent to harm. It also is designed to measure actual prevalence and frequency of drug use, violence and other antisocial behavior among those youth that participate. The survey will be repeated every 2 years. This survey report helps Livingston County communities to assess the risk and protective factors specific to its youth. The information is used to guide prevention efforts, help address existing problems, improve existing services and programs and promote positive youth development.

Below are links to the latest Livingston County PNA Report (2014 results will be available in January 2015), 2014 Youth Focus groups and a data dashboard covering indicators measured regarding underage drinking.