What is Safe Homes?

Safe Homes is a parent support and networking campaign based on the belief that to prevent a child from using drugs, you need to create an environment where drug use is not acceptable. One of the reasons youth use drugs and alcohol is because they feel that adults in the community and/or parents don’t disapprove of the behavior. When parents and adults join together and take a united stand against alcohol and drug use, they become much more effective than if they act separately. Parents can benefit from the support of other parents by helping each other resist pressure from parents who do not set the same limits on their children’s behavior.

The goals of the campaign include:

  1. Providing information to parents/guardians about the use of alcohol and other drugs by adolescents
  2. Encouraging parents to openly communicate with one another about parenting concerns
  3.  Assisting parents in establishing reasonable guidelines for their children’s behavior
  4.  Promoting and creating alternative activities available to youths and families
  5. Functioning as a continuing support network for parents and youth

This campaign focuses on current trends/substance abuse education; communication/listening skills; building family strengths and family management – setting boundaries and expectations. The goal of this campaign is to increase protective factors or assets (things in kids lives that buffer them from negative behaviors) and reduce known risk factors (things in kids lives that increase the likelihood that they will engage in negative behavior) while bringing parents up to date on the world of teens today and sharing information to help build parenting skills.

Participants receive a Parent Handbook which includes the following topics:

  • Common Sense Party Tips
  • Setting Boundaries and Expectations
  • Today’s Trends – Alcohol and drugs
  • Talking to your kids about Alcohol and Marijuana
  • Prescription Drug abuse
  • Not My Kid – Take a Second Look
  • Parent Power – Risk and Protective Factors
  • Legal Consequences
  • Families and Kids – What’s Normal?
  • Stages of Adolescent Substance Use/ Signs and Symptoms
  • Confronting the Drug Issue
  • Speaking Up
  • Community Resources
  • Commonly Abused Drugs


Each family that registers with the Safe Homes program receives quarterly newsletters to their home and/or through e-mail.  These newsletters include important information such as current trends, parenting tips, family events and activities, and other relevant topics of the day.



  • I will provide active adult supervision for all children visiting my home.
  • I will provide a secure storage place for all forms of alcohol, firearms, and other potentially hazardous items; including over the counter and prescription medications.
  • I will not allow parties or gatherings in my home when I am not there.
  • I will not allow young people under the legal drinking age (21) to consume alcohol on my property
  • I will welcome and encourage calls from other parents/guardians when my child is hosting a party or gathering, and give them information about the level of supervision I will provide.
  • I welcome communication from others who observe my child involved with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
  • I will set expectations for my children by knowing where they are going, whom they are with, what they are doing, and when they are to return home.

To sign the pledge and register to become part of the Safe Homes Network to go: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/safehomes