Looking for Youth to Show Us How you Live Above the Influence!

66% of our youth haven’t used alcohol, most youth live above negative influences.  We need youth to get involved in these activities. Promote being a positive influence and earn community service hours!

Above the Influence

“Above the Influence” (ATI) is a national campaign . Through the ATI activities, teens learn how to rise above negative influences, and adopt the ATI brand philosophy, “Anything that makes me less than me is not for me…especially drugs and drinking.”

There are 5 major activities: “Be it”, “Bring it ,“Tag it” , “Express it” and the Teen Art Expression Project. Work with leaders in your school and community to do these activities with your peers. Most activities can be completed in 1 to 2 hours.

Above the Influence

Retailer Scans

Since HCTC began this project in 2007 over 45 youth have participated visiting nearly every convenience store in the county!

  • Completed in January or February
  • Work with an adult leader to:
    • visit convenience and grocery stores in your community and use a survey tool & look at tobacco/alcohol product promotion, pricing and placement
  • Send results to stores

Take a critical look at the ways tobacco and alcohol companies target youth

Project Sticker Shock

Since HCTC began this strategy in 2006 over 120 youth have visited nearly every convenience and grocery store in the county, placing an average of 11,000 stickers per year!

  • Training in March
  • Conducted between end of April & end of June
  • Work with an adult leader to:
    • visit local convenience and grocery stores and place stickers on alcohol products warning consumers that providing alcohol to minors is illegal
project sticker shock