The Prevention Department uses Evidence Based Programs such as:

These programs are used in substance abuse prevention across the country, and used with fidelity can have amazing results.  Throughout Livingston County our Prevention Department sends trained Educators into schools, summer programs, community centers, etc., to hold classes and appointments using these programs.  All educational services are free of charge.

Community Involvement

Each year CASA of Livingston County Prevention Services partners with; volunteers, community agencies, groups and students to create:

Activities & Outreach

Prevention Services currently operates two outreach locations in both Nunda, and Livonia.  In a rural county, such as Livingston, reaching those in need is not always easy.

We provide staff on site for several hours each week to offer activities for children, hand out pamphlets for parents, and counsel anyone with questions about resources and information.

Currently, we are also working on getting the ‘RISK’ drama program up and running.  The Risk program will be taught by professional Drama Coach, Patti Lewis Brown.  The goal is for middle and high school age students to learn the basic skills of Improv style acting.  Through Improv acting, we hope to teach our participants how to become; assertive, confident, and comfortable doing things like saying ‘no’ to drugs or alcohol.

In addition to our Outreach locations, our Educators and ‘Healthy Communities That Care’ Director, Rachel, also participate in community coalition meetings, keep county statistics on drug & alcohol use, maintain contact with agencies who share our goals, and provide presentations about drugs and alcohol to various groups.

If you, or your agency are interested in having a speaker for your group, or need help with drug & alcohol prevention in your location, please do not hesitate to call us at 585.991.5012. Ask for the Prevention Department.